Ever paid someone to

make you sweat, pant, and generally feel like you've hit the wall?

Well hundred's of people just like you have. And they keep coming back! 

Why? Because we provide them with what they couldn't achieve on their own. Our reviews on Google speak for themselves. 

However if you are still a little unsure about this whole training thing, or want to get to know your trainer first then scroll on down to get to know our incredible team of capable and qualified trainers!


Meet Jax - Owner at Jax Fitness Gym.

Jax Fitness has grown from humble beginnings. From training clients one-on-one in a home studio set up in his garage to the performance gym you see now, Jax has built a community around Jax Fitness that is more like a family than a gym. 

Want in?


Meet Vic!

Victoria has a huge amount of experience within the fitness industry. From personal training, to group fitness, to managing a whole fitness centre.

She is bubbly, passionate and ready to take your fitness to new levels!


Meet Adam!

Adam is our very own import! Coming all the way from the motherland (UK) he now spends his days training us Kiwis. As passionate as they come, Adam will give you absolutely everything you need to build lean muscle, drop body fat and become your best self.