Your choice of service should be based off your goal, time frame to achieve it, level of commitment, motivation, lifestyle and budget. Please select from one of the following before our first catch up.

All of my services begin with a lengthy consult - I will not coach someone that I do not know personally.


Tier 1 - The Consult

Let's get to know you!

Our initial consultation is a lengthy one-off sit-down with myself. 

During which we cover everything to do with your current dietary habits, challenges and goals. 

Ask any questions you like, and get feedback on the spot.

Following this you will receive a complete write up of my recommendations for you - including a simple, effective and completely individualised nutrition plan.


  • Full Consultation

  • Nutrition plan (calories & macronutrients included)

  • Sample 3-day meal plan to outline example meals and how to structure your day.

Suitable for those wanting a one-off simple and effective strategy to achieve great results!


Tier 2 - Nutrition & Training Coaching

My tier 2 option gives you a greater level of care and accountability.

It's for those individuals who are ready to go all in with their nutrition and maximise accountability, education and results.


  • Full Consultation

  • Nutrition plan (calories & macronutrients included)

  • Sample 3-day meal plan to outline example meals and how to structure your day.

  • Tracking sheets so we can both monitor progress each week.

  • Weekly monitoring of tracking sheet so you can be kept accountable and have any adjustments made.

  • 1 x online check-in with me each week so you can assess progress and make plans for the week ahead.

  • Adjustments based off check-in data in order to keep you on track.

  • Access to our 'JaxFit Coaching' Facebook group so you can surround yourself with awesome people just like you, learn from myself and other clients and share struggles and successes.

  • Full access and customised training program to achieve maximal body composition goals through resistance training.

If you are ready to take a big step into changing your dietary habits, educating yourself and getting in the best shape of your life - without any of the fad BS, then this one is for you.

Suitable for those wanting to go all in and be coached from week to week to achieve their goal.

*Initial consultation payment of $180.00 required before weekly recurring payments commence.


Body Composition Measurements 

  • Full assessment of both girth measurements and skinfolds.

  • Easy to read PDF print out of results to takeaway.

Follow Up 30min Check Ins (Skype/in person)

  • Includes follow up notes and any nutritional changes.

  • Suitable for those who have gone through a one-off consult and would like to schedule a one-off check in.

Full Online Training Program

  • Access to JaxFit training app

  • Completely personalised training program including how-to videos, scheduled progressions, tracked sets, reps and weight, body stats, real-time messaging with myself and loads more.

  • Minimum 4 weeks

  • Initial payment cover's 4 week program.

  • Recurring weekly debits will then continue.


Tier 2 Nutrition Coaching

  • Only for those that have already completed a one-off consultation and now wish to carry on with weekly coaching.