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Jaxon Burton - MNU Certified Nutritionist 

Jaxon Burton - MNU Certified Nutritionist 

After years of working with a variety of people I have come to realise that the greatest challenge that is stopping you from achieving your physique, health and performance goals is largely nutrition related.

Now obviously I own a gym. So I still place a huge amount of emphasis on strength and cardiovascular training and the benefits these produce.

But there is no denying the huge role a smart and structured nutrition strategy plays.


  1. You are not looking for a one-off 'meal plan'. - I focus on ongoing coaching to take you from where you are now to where you want to be... it's an education. Not a quick fix.
  2. You are wanting to achieve results in the most evidence based and effective way - without fad diets, juice diets, detoxes, hair tests or any other fitness industry BS.
  3. You understand the importance of exercise and specifically a strength training program and how this is essential to your results with me. 
  4. You are ready to commit a minumum of 12 weeks.


From here we need as much detail as possible.

In order to undertake any service with JaxFit Nutrition Coaching I ask all potential clients to complete the following Pre-Consultation Form, in detail, so I can get a better insight into you, your background and your goals.


Once completed, please click 'submit'.

I will endeavor to get back to you with my Service Brochure, which lists all of my services with associated costs within 3–5 working days. If required, I can also personally recommend a service based on your individual goals and budget…     

I'm super excited for you to get started and begin this journey!

Talk soon!