What Other Gyms Fail To Show You Continued...


W E E K L Y  S T R U C T U R E

Here we go through a few strategies to best structure a week of lifting:

Level 1 & 2



Please don't be the kind of gym goer who accepts average. 
Average effort, average gains, average results.

Level 1: Single Progression Techniques


Level 2: Double Progression Techniques


Level 3 (bonus): Wave Progression Techniques

I encourage you to watch all of these to get a better idea of the different ways we can get better in the gym. These are just a starting point.

E X E R C I S E  S E L E C T I O N

By now you should be training with purpose, with direction and hopefully with a bit of smarts!

People often discuss which exercise is best. Here we show you how to decide for yourself:

T H E  B E G I N N I N G

I am so stoked you have made it to this point.

If you haven't then stop right now. Seriously stop.
Go back and watch EVERY SINGLE VIDEO.

This is all for your benefit. No other gym is doing this. My goal is to have you training with a knowledge base that will see you through many years of training. 

This is literally all you will need for at least your first 1-3 years in the gym.

However if you still need more then this is where direct Online Coaching comes in.

This really is the next step.

If you are ready then please message me directly below and I will set you up with a completely FREE 1 week trial.

Just mention the Jax Fitness Training Handbook so I know where you have come from!

All the best.