What Other Gyms Fail To Show You

I have been working on putting together something that no other gym provides...

When I launched Jax Fitness Gym I always had the goal of eliminating what I have termed 'lost gym members'.

The ones you see in gyms all over the world, spinning their wheels, going through the motions, signing up to a gym because that's what 'healthy' people do.  

They are lost because they lack direction. They have never been shown what a dumbbell press is, and why it is beneficial, or why drinking water before training will hugely increase their training performance. You might think it's common sense. But I have come to realise that people know far less about training and nutrition than I think.

So we have bridged the gap. 

We are providing you with all the foundational knowledge regarding training, recovery, nutrition, workout splits, progression and exercises that you will need to kick off your health and fitness journey.

Once you have completed the Jax Fitness Training Handbook you will be well equipped and have the tools to achieve your goals.

DON'T skip anything. Every part is important and a valuable resource for your own education.

Let's dive in!


you won't learn this in normal gyms...


P R E - G Y M

The structure of our 2 different training programs that you may wish to follow:

Level 1 Program:

  • 1 x upper body session each week
  • 1 x lower body session each week

Level 2 Program:

  • 1 x push session
  • 1 x pull session
  • 1 x lower body session

T H E  W A R M  U P

Its time to stop reading/watching and get in the gym!

T I M E  T O  L I F T


The first workout in the gym.

Here we cover all of your upper body sessions. 

I T ' S  L E G  D A Y


At Jax Fitness we never skip leg day. It's usually the first lift of the week!

Be sure to watch the video for the program that you are on.

Here we cover:

Level 1 - Lower Body

Level 2 - Lower Body

R E C O V E R  F A S T E R 


If you're starting to hurt a little and are wondering if this is normal... yes, yes it is!

Here we cover 3 strategies to ensure you are recovered and ready to dominate another workout: