The greatest challenge stopping you from achieving your fat loss goals is almost solely nutrition related…

This rapid fat loss Cut Club is the answer to the person that says "I have been exercising regularly and I eat healthy, but i'm just not seeing the results I would like" - read on...

Is it time to stop fluffing around with inadequate training programs, fad diets and instagram workouts?

 join our 8 week club for just $199.00.

(that's just $24.90/week!) 

what to expect…

  • Coached online through the 8 weeks.

  • Daily posts and interaction in our private Facebook group.

  • Lose at least 1-1.5% of bodyweight per week over the course of 8 weeks. (e.g. for an 80kg female: 6-10kg drop. For a 100kg male: 8-12kg drop).

  • Surrounded by a team of people just like you!

what you get…

  • All calories, macronutrients and rates of weight loss calculated for you.

  • Our Cut Club Basics guide.

  • A 1-day example of what to eat to hit these numbers.

  • Tutorial videos on tracking and weighing food

  • 10+ low calorie recipes to show you exactly what we use to drop body fat.

  • Our complete guide to eating out.

  • Bi-weekly educational webinars detailing the ins and outs of dieting

  • Weekly tracking sheet covering average weekly bodyweight, calories, exercise completed, sleep, fatigue etc.

  • Continued education including infographics, videos and live sessions in our private Facebook group dedicated to keep you accountable and motivated.

  • Weekly check ins, advice and dietary strategies to implement. 

+ exclusive use of our training app valued at $160 alone!

These programs are designed specifically to ensure you are completing the right training to hold onto muscle, drop kilos of fat and do it safely!


Track every single training session online or on your smartphone in the gym.


Log every set, increase your strength, get feedback on form with tutorial videos.


Are You In?

We use an aggressive approach to achieve fast weight loss.

Using our strategies we will maintain and build muscle mass, reduce body fat levels and develop healthy behaviours that will last far after this program has ended.

If you are ready to commit to this. I mean 100% commitment. No wishy washy attitudes. Then please go ahead and fill in your initial consultation below along with payment.

Once complete it will automatically re-direct you to the consultation from.

Welcome to the Jax Fitness Cut Club.

Time to bring out the cuts!